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Modified Bitumen Membrane Plant Production Line

Modified Bitumen Membrane Production Line includes the following units, each designed and produced by our most experienced team.


​Hot Oil Boiler Room


Bitumen Stock Tanks 


Compound Preparation Mixers 


Butimen Membrane Production Machine


Pallet Packaging Unit and Shrinking Oven


Piping Systems


Filters and Homogenizer


Auxiliary Item Groups

Hot Oil Boiler Room

PS Resim25 Kızgın Yağ Kazanı.jpg

The primary raw material of Modified Bitumen Membrane Plant is bitumen. Bitumen is solid at ambient temperature. It should be heated to 200-250°C and this is done by hot oil boiler room.

Natural gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG), fuel oil, diesel oil can be used with the boiler. Different types of fuel tanks and installation are used according to the fuel selection.

Bitumen Stock Tanks

Bitüm Stok Tankları // BisoTech

Internal heating coiled bitumen storage tanks are made of St37 steel and have automatic temperature control. Load auto-rhythm with the cell.


The entire surface of bitumen storage tank is covered by 10 cm thick 80 kg/m³ rock wool insulating materials made with and over aluminium or steel, covered with hair.

Compound Preparation Mixers 

Yarı Mamul Hazırlama Karıştırıcıları // BisoTech

The mixers are made of St 37 sheet metal and have automated weight (loadcell) and temperature control.  The gearmotors of the mixers are controlled by the motor drivers. The mixers are heated by an outer jacket.

The entire surface of the mixer is covered by sandwich panels has the 10 cm thick 80 kg/m³ rock wool insulating and aluminium or steel covers.

Compound preparation section is designed according to the production capacity and the preferences among the below mixers, mixing filter, mixture charge pump, homogenizer and electric panel.

  • 10 m³ fast mixer

  • 17 m³ horizontal mixer

  • 17 m³ vertical mixer

  • 40 m³ stock mixer

Bitumen Membrane Production Machine


This is the machine that turns compound into membrane. It can automatically be operated to produce the fiberglass and polyester reinforced bitumen membranes respectively by MpiCON Industrial Controller


Pallet Packaging Unit and Shrinking Oven

Ambalaj ve Palet Shiring Grubu // BisoTech

Products that come from the automatic rewinder are weighed, (optionally) registered and placed on Euro pallets (100 x 120 cm) with groups of 4 units. When the pallet gets full (30 membranes / pallet), it is covered with shrinking nylon and transported by conveyor to enter the shrinking oven. The shrinking oven can be electric or gas heated optionally.

Piping Systems

Boru Tesisatları // BisoTech

This plant uses the following piping systems;

Thermal oil piping

Bitumen piping

Semi-finished discharge pipes

Coolant piping

Compressed air piping systems

Filters and Homogenizer


Filters of varying designs are used at bitumen and compound discharge lines. All the filters are heated by an outer jacket.


Homogenizer is used for the homogenization of heterogeneous compound.

Auxiliary Item Groups

cooling tower.jpg

Compressed air compressor and equipment

Water cooling tower


Kazan Dairesi
Stok Tankları
Üretim Makinesi
Ambalaj ve Shiring
Boru Tesisat
Destek Grupları
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