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Modified Bitumen Membrane Plant Automation System

BisoTech offers tailor made control and automation solutions,
from the production lines to the full-scale manufacturing plant management.
BisoTech performs custom analysis to the customer's diverse necessities and designs specific solutions that fulfill these requirements.


As the technology partner for production and plant control/automation solutions, BisoTech collaborates with sister brand MpiCON, a control technology brand that provides test system control solutions to automotive, railway, defence and industrial production industries.

BisoTech | Automatic Control

For the purpose of the control and automation of bitumen reinforced membrane production line;

  • Automatic management & storage of product prescriptions,

  • Conditioning of bitumen raw materials into the bitumen storage stock tank,

  • Temperature and weight control of bitumen raw materials,

  • Speed (rpm) & position control of the compound preparation mixers,

  • Automatic supply of the raw materials to the compound preparation mixer,

  • Automation & control of the pump groups and filter systems,

  • Speed, temperature and position control of the production line,

  • Control of the membrane thickness calibration cylinders,

  • Continuous temperature measurement of the membrane surface (with laser sensors),

  • Continuous edge positioning control of the reinforce bitumen (with optic sensors)

  • Temperature & pressure control of hot oil pipelines,

  • Automatic control of felt bonding (sewing) machine, 

  • Speed, stroke and position control of the aluminum covering system, 

  • Speed and position control of the slate stone supply system,

  • Levering & stock control of the slate stone supply system,

  • Speed and position control of the felt lifting system,

  • Speed and position control of the membrane lifting system,

  • Automatic control of cutting & winding machine, 

  • Automatic weight measurement, recording and reporting of the end products,

  • Control of the raw material supply by the smart conveyors & storage lines,

  • Control of storage lines,

  • Operational control functions;

o    For the purpose of the predictive maintenance, continuous measurement of vibration and temperature from all bearings group and electric motors

o    Calibration of sensors

o    Control of cooling tower & pressurized air

o    Alarm definitions for each critical step of production workflow 
o    Automatic emergency stops 
o    Integrated UPS against to the unexpected electricity miss 
o    Automatic SMS & e-mail messages 
o    F(x) function mode for the arithmetic calculations 
o    Automatic reporting .xls, .doc and .pdf file formats
o    Processing, storing and reporting of all calleted data by the help of SQL sever

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